Busta Rhymes And 50 Cent Hilariously Come For Each Other On Instagram


50 Cent enjoys clowning fellow artists but he may have met his match in Busta Rhymes.

The game of the dozens (look it up) began Monday (Sept. 10) when 50 Cent posted a photo of the rap veteran’s latest performance. The profile shot gave Fif leeway to joke about the “Touch It” rapper’s appearance. “And the award for the strongest neck in hip-hop goes to Busa Bus,” he said in a now-deleted Instagram post.

A few more one-sided jokes flew before Busta replied on Wednesday (Sept. 12), mocking the “Candy Shop” MC. Taking aim at one of the Queens-born rapper’s old photos, Busta crafted the most lethal comebacks, all while confirming a new album at the same dang time.

“Damn I’m just payin’ attention to what’s goin’ on cause I been busy finishin’ this new album. I heard yo a** was acting up my brother 50 Cent!! Your tough look looks funny as hell, you tight button face havin’ a** ni**a. You look like you was smellin’ sh*t like yo bandana stink you rancid face lookin’ a** mu’f***a.

The post goes on to declare Busta Rhymes as the superior performer between the two men and calls 50 Cent a “deflated tire face performin’ face a** ni**a.”

The jokes tossed back and forth seem to have all been made in good fun, but 50 cent has deleted all of his posts that began this battle of the former Aftermath Entertainment artists.

Check them out below.

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