Camille Cosby Hires Lawyer To Investigate Judge In Bill Cosby Case


Camille Cosby has hired a lawyer to investigate the judge who will sentence Bill Cosby next week. The 74-year-old producer and author announced Friday (Sept. 21), that she has retained former prosecutor Brian W. Perry to “facilitate efforts to uncover the truth regarding the longstanding and ongoing feud” between Pennsylvania Judge Steven T. O’Neill and Bruce Castor, the former Montgomery County District Attorney who previously refused to prosecute Cosby over a decade ago.

Earlier in the week, Camille filed a request for a full investigation of Judge O’Neill, sighting “continuing unethical conduct.”

“Mr. Perry will provide the Judicial Conduct Board with recent written communications from Mr. Castor that contradict the judge’s claim that there is no grudge,” the announcement reads, noting an email in which Castor references O’Neill’s “potential bias” that he did not “disclose.”

In her statement, Camille alleges that O’Neill and Castor’s feud dates back to the late ‘90s, when they both ran for the Montgomery County D.A. seat. O’Neill dropped out of the race after Castor allegedly used his ex-girlfriend as a political pawn to throw off the race.

Bill Cosby was tipped off about the “feud,” and planned to expose O’Neill during a two-day hearing. The Cosby Show star subpoenaed, among others, the “former female DA” in question who had been “ordered to disrupt” an important debate in which O’Neill “performed poorly,” subsequently ending his chances at beating Castor for D.A.

“One week prior to my request for investigation, Bill Cosby filed a motion demanding that the judge provide a full accounting of his longstanding feud with and bias against Bruce Castor,” Camille writes. O’Neill denied the request for a hearing, essentially calling it a desperate last-minute attempt on Cosby’s part. “No ‘grudge,’ animus, bias or prejudice can be claimed because it simply does not exist,”  O’Neill wrote in his decision.

The latest turn in Cosby’s legal case follows a new report that claims the FBI doctored key recordings used to help convict the 81-year-old comedian of aggravated indecent assault earlier in the year. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Sept. 24.

Read Camille Cosby’s full statement below.


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