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Charlamagne Makes Katt Williams 'Donkey Of The Day' After Tiffany Haddish Criticism

"See Kat, you sound smart to a dumb person."

Charlamagne Tha God will crown anyone he deems foolish Donkey of The Day. The Breakfast Club host is a firm believer in giving a person their rightful props for their stupidity and on Monday (Sept. 17) the title went to past Donkey of The Day recipient Katt Williams.

Over the weekend, Williams stopped by the Frank and Wanda Morning Show with Atlanta's V103 to take a few jabs at Tiffany Haddish's comedic chops and said despite doing stand up since she was a teen, none of her jokes have real staying power.

"[She’s] been doing comedy since she was 16. You can’t tell me your favorite Tiffany Haddish joke. Why? Because she ain’t done a tour yet.”

Charlamagne got wind of Williams' criticism and chose to debunk his claims about his own success.

"Katt Williams said Pimp Chronicles has grossed $24 million, so far. Now Pimp Chronicles did great but where did you get the $24 million from, Kat? We would like to see receipts because if Pimp Chronicles grossed $24 million it would be in the top 10 standup comedy concerts ever. But it's not!"

The Black Privilege author continued his factual assault against Williams and insisted if he indeed sold 2.4 million tickets domestically for a Netflix special, he'd be on par with some of entertainment's biggest names.

"Do y'all know how much 2.4 million tickets sold is? I'm trying to put this in perspective for you. If Katt Williams sold 2.4 million tickets on his last tour that's more than Beyonce sold for her Formation tour; that's more than Taylor Swift sold for her 1989 tour; that's more than Madonna sold for her MDMA tour; that's more than the Eagles sold for their Long Road out of Eden tour; that's more than Justin [Timberlake] sold for his 20/20 tour; that's more than Billy Joel sold on his Billy Joel in Concert tour. And these are artists who are doing this globally around arenas. Tell me how it's possible that Katt Williams sold 2.4 million tickets domestically in theaters? If Katt Williams sold 2.4 million tickets he would've made the Forbes list."

Charlamagne asserts Katt Williams "sounds smart to a dumb person" but insists if listeners take the time to research they'll realize the seasoned comic isn't as successful as he boasts, and is actually a hater.

"So kids, what is the lesson to be learned from all of this? Someone who hates you normally hates you for one of three reasons: they either see you as a threat, they hate themselves or they want to be you. Katt Williams look in the mirror and ask yourselves which one are you? "

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Cardi B's Upcoming 'Carpool Karaoke' Segment Looks As Eventful As We'd Hope

The Late Late Show with James Corden's popular segment "Carpool Karaoke" will be welcoming Grammy-nominee Cardi B to the passenger's seat on Monday (Dec. 17). The teaser for the segment dropped on the nightly show's YouTube channel.

In the minute-long clip, Cardi and Corden sing along to her tracks "Bodak Yellow" and "Money." Of course, between these music breaks, shenanigans ensue.

Cardi, who has acknowledged in the past that she doesn't have her driver's license, attempts to park the car between cones on the street. Obviously, this doesn't look like a successful attempt, and a few cones are knocked down by the car. Later on, Cardi and James drive past a group of school children. Cardi yells out the window and tells them to stay in school and to behave themselves. We can't wait to see the entire segment next week.

Last week, the new mom was nominated for five Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year for "I Like It," and Best Rap Album and Album Of The Year for Invasion Of Privacy. She also revealed via Instagram that she would be separating from her husband and the father of her child, Offset of the group Migos, after just over a year of marriage.

Oddly enough, the last episode of Carpool Karaoke featured Migos.

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'Selena: The Series' Is Headed To Netflix

It's been more than 20 years since Selena Quintanilla's senseless death, but the singer's fans and family have done their part to keep her memory and legacy alive. With the hope of introducing the Grammy-award winner to a new generation, Netflix has ordered a Selena series to live on the streaming platform.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Quintanilla family will produce what is being described as a coming of age story for the model, actress and fashion designer. It's unclear how many episodes will be in the series and if it'll be 30 minutes or an hour.

"Selena will always have a lasting place in music history and we feel great responsibility to do justice to her memory. With this series, viewers will finally get the full history of Selena, our family, and the impact she has had on all of our lives, Selena's sister Suzette Quintanilla said in a statement. "We are excited to partner with Campanario and Netflix to give fans a never-before-seen glimpse at our story and highlight why Selena will remain a legend for generations to come."

Selena began her musical career in the 1980s often performing at festivals in her hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas. She quickly rose to fame and earned a Grammy in 1994 for best Mexican/American album, becoming the first female Tejano singer to do so.

In 1995, Selena was shot and killed by Yolanda Saldivar who managed her fan club after it had been discovered she was embezzling money. Saldivar was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. The singer's life then made it to the big screen in 1997, with Jennifer Lopez starring in the principal role.

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P. Diddy Weighs In On All This "King Of R&B" Talk

Atlanta singer-songwriter Jacquees had the Internet in shambles over the weekend when he declared himself the king of R&B for this generation. The Cash Money artist did earn praise for his debut album 4275, but many felt the boast was premature at best. Tyrese, Tank, Eric Bellinger, and Usher all responded with who they think the true king of rhythm and blues is, but for the rest of the Internet, they pulled up for the laughs.

Sean P.Diddy Combs has maintained a relatively low profile since Kim Porter's death, however on Tuesday (Dec. 11), Diddy interjected to offer a bit of perspective on what it takes to be a king, and more specifically, a king of rhythm and blues.

"Heard we talking about some king sh*t and y'all know I usually mind my business, but R&B is the foundation of my life," Diddy began. "And to be a king, that's some other sh*t. The word king is too loosely thrown around.  Now, I understand the concept that we are all kings, I understand that....but cats giveaway the king thing too early."

Just to backtrack, Mr. Combs has produced some of the 90s most beloved tracks and has earned the right to offer his two cents. Diddy then explained the R&B is also about feeling, not just lyrical small talk.

"Let's get to the topic of R&B: we talking about rhythm and blues, we talking about sharing your soul, and making love through your music. We're talking about adoring a woman. Not just putting it down or talking about how you just want to smash her, I'm talking about adoring her. So in order to be the king of R&B you first gotta start making some R&B, you have to be vulnerable, you have to be speaking about love, you have to be able to affect women in a positive way and your ass has to be able to sing."

In the video, it appears as if Mr. Combs is about to sign off as he's grown tired of the long talk only for him to remember that in order to be the king, you have to be number one and if you're the king of R&B a number one record is...expected.

"Man, and then you have to write a number one record. You've gotta have a whole bunch, a whole bunch of number one records," he concluded.

Watch the full video below.

King of R&B

— Diddy (@Diddy) December 11, 2018

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