Chief Keef’s Home Burglarized, Ends In Police Shoot-Out

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Chief Keef’s San Fernando Valley home was reportedly burglarized on Sunday night (Sept. 23), and things didn’t end well for any of the parties involved, TMZ reports. In fact, the burglary quickly turned violent after police and the vandals engaged in a shoot-out near the scene.

Law enforcement claim the burglars arrived at the California residence around 11:15 p.m. PST. They allegedly jumped over a wall on the premises and threw bricks at a window in order to enter the home. At least one suspect is believed to have entered the establishment, stealing Chief Keef’s money and other unnamed valuables.

Fortunately for Keef’s sake, plain-clothes cops were in the vicinity of the break-in and were able to stop the burglars from making off with more loot. Even so, one suspect managed to fire shots off as he fled the scene. Another suspect fled in a car, according to authorities. No one was hit in the crossfire, police confirm.

Despite what seems to be a terrifying and chaotic situation, Chief Keef missed all of it. The rapper was shockingly home during the break-in, but when police spoke to him about the incident, he stated that he had no idea anyone had broken into his home.

Two suspects have since been booked on burglary and weapons possession charges.

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