‘Creed 2′ Trailer Leaves Fans Craving More

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The second trailer for Creed II has arrived and fans are pleasantly surprised.

Creed II is the follow-up to the 2015 box office smash and a continuation of the Rocky series. In the next installment of the critically-acclaimed drama, viewers witness Adonis Johnson (portrayed by Michael B. Jordan) preparing for the fight of his life.

This time Adonis is preparing to take on the son of Ivan Drago, who’s Rocky’s biggest enemy and the man who killed Adonis’ father before he was born.

Unlike the first trailer, its counterpart highlights the physical strides the main character must endure to reclaim his father’s legacy. The Black Panther star flawlessly stepped back into his role in this Steven Caple Jr. revamp alongside Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, and Phylicia Rashad.

Along with reprising his role as Rocky Balboa for the eighth time since the series began in 1976, producer Stallone had a hand in writing this film with Cheo Hodari Coker (Luke Cage).

If the trailers are any indication, this movie is going to be a revelation. The next installment in the Creed series is set to hit theaters this Thanksgiving (Nov 21.)

Watch the second trailer for Creed II above.

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