Dallas Police Officer Charged For Killing Of Botham Shem Jean


After days of outrage, Dallas police officer Amber Guyger has been charged with manslaughter in the fatal shooting of unarmed black man Botham Shem Jean.

Guyger, a white cop, shot and killed Jean in his home on Sept. 7. Associated Press reports that she told police that she mistook his apartment for her own after entering the wrong floor of their building, and opened fire on Jean after he “ignored her verbal commands.” Jean was unarmed, and died later in the hospital.

“The grand jury will be that entity that will make the final decision in terms of the charge or charges that will come out of this case,” Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson told reporters. “We prepare to present a thorough case to the grand jury of Dallas County, so that the right decision can be made in this case.”

Despite rumors that Guyger and Jean were romantically involved, CNN reports that the two neighbors didn’t know each other.

Jean’s mother is committed to pursuing justice, but just like the rest of the world, she has been given very few answers.

“The promise of transparency to this family has been a blank check,” said family attorney S. Lee Merritt.

Guyger was released from Kaufman County Jail on Sunday evening after posting a $300,000 bond.

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