Diesel Taps Nicki Minaj And Gucci Mane As The Face Of Their New Anti Cyber-Bullying Campaign


Diesel is taking on a noble task.

In the age of social media, free speech isn’t really free and you can’t say you love vanilla ice cream without chocolate lovers feeling a need to react. Noticing the toxicity, Diesel tapped some of music and entertainment’s most prominent figures for their new initiative “hate couture.”

Playing off the words “haute couture,” Diesel’s new line teamed up with Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj Bella Thorne, Tommy Dorfman, and Yoo Ah-in and Jonathan Bellini, to model items from the collection with some of the meanest comments they’ve received on Twitter.

Guwop’s shirt reads “F**k You, Impostor” while Nicki Minaj’s don the words ” The Bad Guy.” Proceeds from the sale of the shirts Diesel will donate money to support anti-bullying programs at its non-for profit organization OTB.

Beginning Oct. 6, customers can also customize their own shirts.

When the internet learned Nicki Minaj was the face of an anti-bullying campaign, many wondered if it was backwards day. The Queen artist has been accused of rallying her fan army that she affectionately refers to as Barbs, to attack any detractors.

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