Donald Glover And Teddy Perkins Posed Together At The Emmys, And Now We’re Confused


The Internet was ablaze when photographs of the Atlanta character Teddy Perkins was photographed in the front row at the 2018 Emmy Awards this past Monday (Sept. 17).

There was rampant speculation that Donald Glover (who played the frighteningly-creepy-yet-brilliant character) was in costume to potentially accept an award for Lead Actor in a Comedy. However, a photograph taken at the event proves that this wasn’t the case.

In a recently-released snap, Glover and Perkins appeared side-by-side posing for a photo,  proving that the multi-hyphenate wasn’t dressed in character. Issa Rae, who was seated next to Glover at the ceremony, revealed on Twitter that she didn’t know Perkins wasn’t Glover.

“I had just finished talking to Teddy, thinking it was Donald the whole time,” she wrote after the photo was released. If you look in the background, the Insecure star and creator is visibly shocked (and likely a bit uneasy) to see the two together.

Twitter users have been trying to figure out who was dressed as Perkins. There are theories that SNL alum Jay Pharaoh is the Teddy Imperksinator, but he’s denied it.

“Even when I don’t do characters I get pegged for doing characters that’s GOAT level I guess,” he wrote on Twitter.

Is Teddy Perkins his own person? Check out some hilarious reactions to the photo below.

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