Eminem Calls Machine Gun Kelly’s Diss “Pitiful,” Talks Joe Budden Relationship With Sway Calloway


In part two of his sit-down interview with Sway Calloway, Eminem responded to MGK’s diss track “Rap Devil,” and also spoke about his relationship with Joe Budden.

According to the Kamikaze musician, his beef with MGK is a bit more “petty” than his feelings about his tweets regarding Em’s daughter.

“You actually think I f**king think about you? You’re not even in the f**king conversation,” the Detroit MC asked. He says that MGK made it appear as though Em was trying to stop him from being successful, and his feature on Tech N9ne’s “No Reason” was the tipping point.

“You start sending shots…It’s just like ‘shut the f**k up,'” he continued. “Now it’s like, ‘I gotta answer this motherf**ker…’ As irrelevant as people say I am in hip-hop, I make them bigger where I get into this thing where, I wanna destroy him but I don’t wanna make him bigger, because now, you’re a f**kin’ enemy. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do at this point now.”

When asked what he thought about the viral “Rap Devil” response MGK dropped after Kamikaze’s release, Em held nothing back.

“It’s not bad for him, he had some good lines… It didn’t feel like a diss to me, it felt pitiful…regardless of what the f**k he wants to say, shut the f**k up. I’m telling you the reason I dissed you now.”

Em also discussed his feelings about Joe Budden, who recently claimed that he’s been a better rapper than the 8 Mile musician for a decade.

“I mean…me and Joe Budden are not friends like that,” Em replied after being asked how he’d describe his relationship with the New Jersey musician. “When I’m out here flying around to different places…to pump up Slaughterhouse any chance I get, and you’re using your platform to trash me?”

“You have a voice in hip-hop, you could be affecting the ship a little bit…” he continued. “I never got in a f**king interview and was like ‘Joe Budden’s sh*t is f**kin’ trash.” [Kamikaze’s attitude was] like, ‘what if I give everybody my opinion about them?'”

Eminem divulged on the disbandment of Joe Budden’s rap quartet Slaughterhouse and their unreleased project, Glass House. According to Em, not everyone was on the same page in terms of finishing it. However, he extended his warmest praise to his former Shady label group.

“I just wanna make it clear though, aside from the Joe sh*t, Slaughterhouse is one of the best rap groups to ever happen,” he told the host. “I wish their first album would have connected.”

Watch the entire interview above, and get ready for part three, which drops soon.

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