Fat Joe Calls Donald Trump “Delusional” Over Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Relief


Fat Joe has come through for Puerto Rico in a big way since Hurricane Maria left the island in ruins. Caring more for the U.S. island than president 45, the New Yorker shared some built up frustrations with TMZ early Thursday morning (Sept. 13).

“More people died in Puerto Rico than even Hurricane Katrina, man. The president is delusional,” Joe said in regards to Donald Trump’s blatant neglect and lack of empathy for the victims. “We can’t wait for two more years to hurry up.”

The “All The Way Up” emcee continued to speak about the destruction and pain Puerto Rico endured and continues to feel every day, comparing the state of the country to a house of cards. “Puerto Rico got a band-aid, it doesn’t have a cure,” he said.

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As far as what’s going to happen with South Carolina in the path of Hurricane Florence, Joe has a little more hope.

Although he’s seen firsthand how Trump fails to respond well to pressing situations, Joe said he’s “praying for the best” and assumes the outcome will be much different given that Hurricane Florence will hit the mainland of the United States of America.

“We Americans so we always got big hearts” he assured. “I’m sure we’re all going to come to the aid of South Carolina and North Carolina. That’s not even a question.”

Watch Joe sound off below.

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