Frank Ocean Says Cease And Desist Against Travis Scott Was About Social Issues, Not Music

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Last week, news outlets suggested there was some bad blood between Frank Ocean and Travis Scott after Ocean reportedly filed a cease and desist demanding that Trav remove the featured single “Carousel” from his album Atsroworld.  But despite earlier reports, Ocean is insisting the two are still family. In a new post on Tumblr, Frank explained his decision behind the original request and revealed the two resolved the issue “weeks ago.”

It was assumed that Ocean was not pleased with the single’s final production, which was heavy on the auto-tune and pitch alterations. According to the post, which was published on Sept. 14, Frank wasn’t upset about the music at all. Instead, his issue was with Travis’ social views.

“I think the song sounds cool, I did it in like 20 minutes and the mix sounds the way Travis wanted it to sounds for his record,” the singer wrote, using emojis to get his point across. “I also approved it before it came out so the cease and desist wasn’t about [music] it was about [LGBTQ+]. Me and Travis resolved it amongst ourselves weeks ago.”

Ocean is likely referring to the controversy surrounding the removal of trans model Amanda Lepore on Astroworld’s cover art. Following the edit, many accused the rapper of being transphobic.

Travis issued a statement on Twitter following the backlash, assuring everyone that the album art was not edited because of Lepore. “ASTROWORLD IS ABOUT LOVE AND EXPRESSION NOT HATE,” he wrote at the time. “I want to use my voice to make it clear that everyone on this planet is as equal and f***ing awesome to the next,” he said, before agreeing with LaChapelle that Lepore did “upstage everyone.”

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