Gabrielle Union Responds To Fan’s Request For A ‘Bring It On’ Remake

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Eighteen years ago, Gabrielle Union and the East Compton Clovers performed routines that continue to live on within cheer squads across the states. The influence was made possible thanks to cult classic, Bring It On, which sat atop the box office roster in 2000. Given its everlasting relevance to today’s teen comedies, one fan decided to test out an idea for a remake.

Social media user @ItsHippyPotter announced the revelation on Twitter and suggested that fellow actress Ryan Destiny also have a co-starring role. “So a Bring It On remake with Gabrielle Union as the coach of the Clovers and Ryan Destiny as the NEW captain.” To this creation, Union replied: “hmmmm and I’m thinking less ‘coach’ more Mama June.”

In an interview with ELLE, Union shared the premise behind her decision to take on the role. “I had wanted this cheerleading movie Sugar & Spice, but they didn’t go black on any of the roles. I couldn’t even audition,” she said. “In Bring It On, the story is about cultural appropriation, and how the hard work of African Americans has been repackaged with blond hair and blue eyes. The social justice of it appealed to me.”

In the past, movie ideas that went viral on social media have caught the attention of those that can breathe life into thoughts. In 2017, a heist-themed film starring Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o, directed by Ava DuVernay while possibly recruiting Issa Rae as its screenwriter, received positive responses from the aforementioned entertainers.