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Woman Who Photographed Geoffrey Owens At Trader Joe’s Acknowledges Wrongdoing

Karma Lawrence is attempting to clear her name and reverse any bad…karma. The 50-year-old New Jersey resident who photographed former Cosby Show star Geoffrey Owens bagging groceries at Trader Joe’s is now regretting her choice.

“I don’t know why I snuck a picture,” Lawrence told NJ.com. “I figured everybody does it. I don’t know what possessed me. I just did it. I didn’t even think about it. I just kind of did it on impulse and it was a bad impulse.”

Lawrence shopped the photos to various sites (without pay, she notes), which resulted in Owens being job-shamed. While several actors and entertainment figures rallied behind Owens, Lawrence has received tons of hate mail.

“I actually wanted to go up to him and say something, but I thought, ‘you might embarrass him,’” she continued. “But then I did something that actually embarrassed him more. I didn’t go with my first instinct, and I should’ve…So much hate. So much nastiness. Oh, it’s been terrible. They write Karma’s a b***h. It’s bad.”

Lawrence says that if she was given the chance to speak to Owens face-to-face, she would absolutely apologize.

“I would tell him, ‘I am extremely, extremely apologetic about what has happened,’” she said. “And if I could take it back, I would.”

Owens, however, is taking his virality in stride. He appeared on Good Morning America with his Trader Joe’s name tag, and joked that he was preparing for the role of Falstaff in Henry IV, set in a grocery store.

“I hope what doesn’t pass is this re-thinking about what it means to work…” he said. “A reevaluation of the idea that some jobs are better than others, because that’s actually not true… Every job is worthwhile and valuable and if we have kind of a re-thinking about that because of what’s happened to me, that would be great.”

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