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Twitter Reacts To Surprising ‘Insecure’ Episode Featuring Lawrence

*This post contains spoilers.

On Sunday evening (Sept. 9), Insecure fans gathered around their screens to watch the latest episode. What was in-store, or around the corner, produced an immediate reaction from spectators once the character Lawrence appeared.

Played by Jay Ellis, the figure that has his own social media hashtag immediately confused those who thought his presence on the show was done in season two. For Ellis, however, he always knew the return of Lawrence was imminent. “I will say, the phone call from Issa and Prentice [Penny], our showrunner, about not being in the first few episodes, I could tell in their voices they were, ‘Hey, so what’s up? Just wanted to talk to you,’ ” he said in a Vulture interview. “And I was like, ‘Guys, it’s OK. Don’t worry about it, it’s OK. It’s fine. I’ll see you when production starts, I’ll take an extra-long vacation,’ which was exactly what I did!”

Before season three premiered in August, the series’ creator Issa Rae said Lawrence would not reappear, due to keeping the show as close to reality as possible. “They had a great conversation at the end of season two and it was just about like, hey, she’s moving on to Daniel, sometimes we have those conversations,” she said. “You never see the exes again, and it’s okay! You gotta explore life without Lawrence.”

Like Rae’s sentiments, Ellis also told Vulture that their characters’ split mimics what happens in real life when it concerns fizzled out relationships. “You break up with someone and you take a break. That’s just the nature of relationships, the seasons of relationships, and the seasons of life, right? That’s what we were seeing with Issa and Lawrence,” he said. “The two of them were… not even taking a break, they were just living their lives, and for them to live their lives doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to cross paths anymore.”

Read a few reactionary tweets below.

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