Hoodcelebrityy Explains Fallout With Cardi B: “When I Got Signed I Got Cursed Out”


Hoodcelebrityy’s newfound fame has caused a few fallouts, including one with her former best friend and collaborator Cardi B.

Speaking with The Breakfast Club recently, the Jamaican songstress shared how the strain in their relationship occurred after she secured a deal with Cardi’s former manager Klenord “Shaft” Raphael. In 2017, Cardi signed with Solid Foundation, the management trek behind Quality Control which includes Migos and City Girls, subsequently ending her deal with Shaft.

During Cardi’s time with Shaft, she scored her No. 1 single “Bodak Yellow” and featured Hoodcelebrity during numerous performances like her set at the Day for Night Festival. The “Walking Trophy” artist shared that when her deal happened, their friendship went out the window. The two also worked on the single, “Island Girls” featuring Josh X and Young Chow in 2015.

“When Cardi got signed, I feel like I got signed, and when I got signed I got cursed out,” she said. The 27-year-old says Cardi discovered the news through social media about the deal, which added more fuel to the fire. The deal also happened in the midst of Shaft’s legal battle with Cardi. In April, it was reported that the 25-year-old was being sued by Shaft for $10 million. In July, Cardi filed a $15 million countersuit, claiming Shaft robbed her of royalties and other assets.

“As Cardi B’s star rose, ‘so too did Shaft’s greed,’” says the suit. “Shaft proved increasingly willing to take advantage of, deceive and exploit Ms. Almanzar, and he had the ability to do so through complete control over all legal documents and virtually every dollar that Ms. Almanzar earned in the entertainment business.”

Throughout the drama, Hoodcelebrityy seemed hurt by the lack of congratulations Cardi extended to her, given their longlasting friendship. “Walking Trophy” was a hit for Hoodcelebrityy, entering the Billboard charts earlier this year.

Hoodcelebrityy has no intention of making up with her former friend but maintains the notion that she will never speak ill of Cardi B and wishes her nothing but the best.

Watch the interview below.

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