Ice Cube Teases ‘Everythang’s Corrupt’ Album With Bloodied Artwork

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Ice Cube’s return to the music scene might come in the form of a full-length project. Adding onto his esteemed discography, the California native revealed the album artwork for Everythang’s Corrupt (Sept. 20), a project that might arrive this winter according to Cube’s tweet.

Two years ago, the veteran lyricist lightly discussed the meaning behind the project’s title, which will most likely entail content on the happenings of the world. The 49-year-old also shared that he created the album’s name three years ago.

“I mean that’s just the title of what I’m talking about on the record. That we have to look at everything because everything is corrupt, and it’s a shame,” he said to AllHipHop. “But you know the hook on the song says: ‘For my birthday buy me a politician/ It’s a shame that we gotta teach the children/ Everything is corrupt/ Everything is corrupt.’ Everything is corrupt so it’s kind of like that’s the theme.”

Within the interview, Cube also revealed that he had to step out of the studio to focus on the production and release of his three movies at the time. “I had to put it down for a minute to finish these movies and make sure they were right,” he said. “To make sure Ride Along 2 was right, Barbershop, and Straight Outta Compton — and this is going to be the end of it…I just didn’t want to spread myself too thin. Finish these movies and finish this promotion and then finish the record and put it out.”

There’s no release date yet, but given current events, the content will surely ignite conversation among the masses.

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