Jacquees Still Has Love For Ella Mai After “Trip” Remix Scrapped From Soundcloud

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Update: 2:54 PM EST (September 26, 2018)

DJ Mustard, producer and mentor to Ella Mai took to social media to share his thoughts on the accusations against Mai. Expressing a similar sentiment to Jacquees’ camp, Mustard confirms that there is no bad blood between the artists. Rather than Mai being directly involved in the situation, label 10 Summers ordered the cease and desist against Jacquees for copyright infringement.


When Ella Mai released the follow-up to her global smash hit “Boo’d Up” with “Trip,” Jacquees was quick to hop on its wave. His version may have been scrapped from the web, but his love for the single and the artist have reminded high.

On Tuesday (Sept. 25), a story from the South African outlet SA Breaking News was shared by Jaquees in the form of a retweet. The report claimed his “Quemix” to “Trip” was removed from Soundcloud and YouTube for being “more popular” than the original tune.

Released a few weeks ago, his rendition of the vulnerable track reportedly amassed up to 3 million streams on SoundCloud. Despite fans sharing their disdain for the track getting removed from the web, Jacquees says there’s no love lost.

“For the new people who are just catching up to who Jacquees is as an artist, this has become very controversial for no reason,” the statement to Billboard says.

“We love Ella and are cool with her team as well. He has been releasing not only “Quemix” songs but entire projects with remixes of other artists’ songs ranging back to 2013. This was an act of genuine support and should not turn into negativity for either of the artist or from their supporters. There is still hope for the song as an official remix or maybe fans will get something better that is an original collaboration.”

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Things got a little hectic on social media Wednesday (Sept. 26) when T-Pain took some time to offer his two cents to the situation. Responding to a fan’s question as to why he hasn’t gotten in trouble for remixing Ella’s songs, the autotune favorite called out Jacquees for trying to make money off the song.

“Everybody be asking me why I don’t put my tmixes and sh*t on Spotify tidal and iTunes and sh*t. This is why” he wrote in a separate tweet.

The situation escalated when the Cash Money star caught wind of T-Pain’s claims. “Hell, you talm bout my brother I put it on SoundCloud and YouTube you know my game ain’t cap I love Ella,” he wrote.

Still, T-Pain wasn’t hearing it. Accusing Jacquees of promoting the song on Spotify, all he asks is for people to leave him out of the situation.

While it could be a misunderstanding, it’s safe to say that fans aren’t getting the whole story.

Ella’s team has yet to comment.

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