Harlem’s Jay Prezi Is On His “New York Sh*t” In New Video


If you pay attention to late night radio stations, you’ve probably been hearing a banger dubbed, “New York Shit” by bubbling Harelm native, Jay Prezi featuring his comrades, Harlem Beanz and G Mims.

Funk Flex and several XM radio DJs’ have been spinning “New York Shit.” Well, the rookie rapper also unleashed the song’s visuals. With Cole Eckerle behind the lens, the Uptown crew talk their Rotten Apple shit while posting in front of the famous Apollo Theatre, Times Square and other Uptown spots.

“All black everything, bring the Panthers back/Bet the police act right, the way the Panthers act/Most be scared, hiding behind the badge/Tell him to take his gun off, I probably could whip his ass,” raps Prezi.

“New York Shit” comes from Prezi’s John John: MCLXXV album.

Watch the video above.