Premiere: Kash Doll Targets Mass Incarceration On 13th Amendment-Inspired Song

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Kash Doll puts pen to paper to breathe life into one of the constitution’s most controversial referendums, the 13th Amendment. While the 1865 ruling decried slavery in the United States of America, indentured servitude still fuels the country’s economic system in the form of mass incarceration.

We thought this would the one that would end it/ But we still harassed/ Still mass incarcerations/ So much for the Emancipation Proclamation,” the Detroit native raps. Kash Doll then name drops Meek Mill and his current battle with the criminal justice system. In the U.S., the country holds “21 percent of the world’s prisoners” and nearly “5 percent of the world’s population” is incarcerated, the NAACP reports.

The melody is featured on 27: The Most Perfect Album created by WNYC Studios’ “More Perfect” show. The project’s tracklist highlights the 27 amendments through the format of songs and commentary. Jad Abumrad, host/creator of “More Perfect,” said the album’s mission aims to repurpose the constitution’s regulations through music’s influence.

“These 27 amendments not only outline out basic rights as Americans, but they also show a country changing, evolving, re-imagining itself,” Abumrad said. “Striving — and not always succeeding — to be better. These songs are a small way to say that these words matter. We’re thrilled to bring listeners this music in this critical moment.”

The album, which features Dolly Parton, Cherry Glazerr, Caroline Shaw and more, releases Sept. 18.

Listen to Kash Doll’s interpretation of the 13th Amendment below.

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