Katt Williams Believes Kevin Hart Fueled Beef With Him To Sell Movie Tickets


Katt Williams isn’t backing down from Kevin Hart. The comedian’s views of Tiffany Haddish have spilled over into harsh critiques about Hart, with Williams accusing him of crafting their beef for sales.

On Friday (Sept. 28), Williams hopped on Instagram Live to call out Hart and clear up comments about his tour style. “Kevin’s been pretending he’s on a world tour but that ni**a been everywhere but f**king here,” he said.

Hart attempted to dispell Williams’ comments about how his tour income among other things during his Breakfast Club interview last week. Williams took a few digs at Hart, insinuating the comedian’s popularity has decreased in the U.S.

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“That ni**a all up through Saskatchewan, he got 19 shows in Russia, he’s then going over to Brazil for a show but anywhere but these motherf**king hoods for a show,” he said. “He’s off making $85 million while I’m not making $85 million but it’s all good. I don’t mind making $1 million a month and keeping my soul.”

In 2016, Kevin Hart was lauded as the world top paid comedian thanks to his sold-out tours with some becoming a hit at the box office. Jerry Seinfeld returned to the top spot last year due to his Netflix specials and series Comedian In Cars Getting Coffee. 

But Williams believes Hart used his previously squashed quarrel with Tiffany Haddish to bring more attention to his new comedy Night School. The film, developed by Hart, was released Friday and is expected to make over $30 million in its debut.

“You’re gonna see me in real life and I know you’re gonna see this because you got people seeing this that work for you,” he continued.”I was just at the gym and now I’m heading to Mayweather’s.. I’m gonna knock your motherf**king mouth sideways boi. Everyone just saw that you would do anything to sell a movie.”

Leslie Jones slammed both comedians for using her name as a means of what they’ve done for women in comedy. Rel Howery, who was also named dropped by both comedians, recently shared how he felt bad for Williams in the situation.

“There’s a reason why most of us haven’t given him jobs,” he said. “He’s so talented, so funny, but I don’t know what he’s really angry about. The crazy thing is, maybe like five years ago he pulled me to the side and was like, ‘you going to be a star one day. Don’t let them burn you out.’”

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