Kevin Hart Defends Drake Against “Hater” Who Compared Him To Nickelback


Kevin Hart is currently promoting the upcoming release of Night School, co-starring Tiffany Haddish. The comedic pair recently traveled overseas to fulfill an interview on BBC Radio 1 when a listener’s inquiry about Drake prompted Hart to defend the Toronto native.

“Drake sucks, is the Nickelback of rap,” the caller decided to share on the “Breakfast with Greg James” unpopular opinion segment. To that take, Hart unleashed a few jabs at the anonymous person, taking aim at his home life.

“This is the prime example of a person that just hates success. This is a person that hates to see people on top,” Hart said. “And I can tell you right now, this guy sleeps on a futon with no mattress. There’s no doubt in my mind that he has a hard futon with no pad and he’s just angry. He’s got a real cold toilet seat. It’s a lot going on that just makes him hate to see success.”

At the top of the week (Sept. 16), Hart also came to the support of another peer who was being scrutinized by comedian Katt Williams. The Emmy Award-winning entertainer said Haddish (who also won an Emmy) has yet to prove her popular status within the comedy world, a notion that Hart couldn’t understand. “I see a woman who is well deserving of the position that she’s in,” he said. “And more importantly, I see a girl that’s now positioned to open up doors for the younger generation of female comedians that are coming after her.”

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