Kirk Franklin Makes Amends With Terminally Ill Biological Father

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Kirk Franklin took to social media recently to prove we should all practice what we preach.

Over the weekend, the Grammy-award winning gospel artist posted a picture of himself and his biological father. In a lengthy caption, Franklin detailed learning his dad has no more than six months to live and after harboring years of resentment towards him for putting him up for adoption, he now chooses to forgive.

“He deserves to receive what God gives me every day. Pray for him, and for me. God this is hard. I weep as I write,” 48-year-old Franklin captioned.

Two days prior to posting on Instagram, Franklin received a call about his father’s health and decided to fly to Houston to confront the man whose actions “left me never feeling good enough.” Franklin worried if his father died before he had a chance to speak with him, he’d regret it.

“It’s painful, it’s a process, but how disappointed I would be in myself for this man to leave this earth without being forgiven,” Franklin captioned.

“I took my hate for him and used it as fuel to be the best father I could be for my own. But what I did wrong. I never took that fuel, and turn it into forgiveness, and that is wrong. Wrong for him, me, and the God I proclaim to represent. How can I preach what I don’t practice?”

Glad to see Franklin and his father are making peace with their past.

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