Kodak Black Says He Reshaped The Culture For All Haitians


It’s been a little over a month since Kodak Black has been released from jail and the “There He Go” rapper has wasted no time getting back into things.

Late Wednesday night (Sept. 19), Kodak took to Instagram to hint at the status of new music. Posing with Pharrell Williams, Black flexed a humble brag on the social media platform.

“I Give All Da Killers Motivation,” he wrote. “I Reshaped The Culture For All The Haitians They Love Us.”

Kodak recently released “Wake Up In The Sky” alongside Gucci Mane and Bruno Mars. Evident that the young rapper is reaching into unsuspecting territory with his collaborations, it’ll be exciting to find what he and Williams have up their sleeve.

Back in 2014, when Pharrell’s “Happy” saturated the airways, an amazing video surfaced the internet titles “Happy In Haiti.” The video, which featured the mega-hit celebrated gratitude and happiness for life on the island above all else. Catching wind of the video, Pharrell provided his full support to the movement and has continued to rally behind Haitian efforts since.

Most recently, Back in April, Kodak Black was sentenced to a year in prison on account of multiple charges but was granted a sentence reduction in mid-July.



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I Give All Da Killers Motivation .. I Reshaped The Culture For All The Haitians They Love Us 🇭🇹💤🎯 @Pharrell #FuckDaBlogs #AskDaStreets

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