LaTavia Roberson Shares Sweet Photo Of Backstage Meet Up With Beyonce

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During a time, long long ago, four young girls from Texas formed a group called Destiny’s Child. Comprised of Beyonce, Kelly, LeToya, and LaTavia, the quartet created some of music’s most beloved songs. But like all good things, their relationship came to an end.

You can Google what how and when it happened, but in the time that’s passed since the group’s sophomore album The Writings On The Wall and present day, Kelly and Michelle went onto have successful careers in film and music, while Beyonce, you know, did alright for herself. (sarcasm)

Backstage at Beyonce and JAY-Z’s Houston OTRII tour stop, LaTavia, with her mom in tow, shared a warm hug and a few LOLs with Bey, who she described as her friend of 30 years.

“It was so wonderful sharing a laugh and spending time with my FRIEND of 30 yrs…..hadn’t seen Bey in 18 yrs. My mother @cheryl_lastrap is clearly tickled. The children are amazing “Everything IS Love”

The Carters performed two nights in Beyonce’s hometown on Sept. 15 and Sept. 16. LaTavia and Beyonce’s reunion was followed by another reunion with LeToya and Beyonce. Newly married, LeToya brought her baby bump to their Arlington, TX tour stop, where she and Bey were also able to catch up on good times. Once the Internet learned of what happened, their digital hearts exploded with countless heart-eye emojis.

‘Twas a good moment indeed.

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