Lil Baby Reflects On His Origins In ‘Preacherman’ Documentary


Lil Baby, born Dominique Jones, is the feature of Quality Control’s latest documentary, PREACHERMAN. Directed by Mandon Lovett, the 26-minute video takes fans through the depths of Baby’s home-city of Atlanta, Georgia. Featuring interviews with some of the 23-year-old’s friends and family, the new short chronicles Baby’s struggles with school, time in prison and unlikely come-up.

After serving a two-year prison sentence, Baby was quickly able to turn his life around. When Quality Control’s co-founders Pierre “Pee” Thomas and Kevin “Coach K” Lee convinced the then 21-year-old to invest in his rap career, it didn’t take long for Baby to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

From his early pre-teen days to his 2017 breakout with “Freestyle,” Jones grinded. Offering an inside peak at the QC rapper’s process in the booth, PREACHERMAN also recalls Baby’s relationship with “My Dawg” producer Quay Global. Acting as his inaugural track on the Billboard Hot 100, “My Dawg” peaked at No. 71 in January before Baby earned his first top 10 hit with “Yes Indeed” in May.

In recounting the making of Lil Baby, the documentary’s title also comes from another one of Lil Baby’s childhood nicknames, explained by Baby’s aunt Sadonna Grimes in the films closing scene.”Back in the day, my aunt, his great-great aunt, would say that he was ‘Preacherman.’ That’s what she used to call him, ‘Preacherman,'” she recalls. “He always had something to say. And he didn’t have to say a lot, but he always had something to say. I think this is a form of him preaching.”

Last month Quality Control also released Point Blank Perioda 23-minute documentary chronicling the City Girls and their rise to fame. Be sure to check out PREACHERMAN up top.

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