Max B’s Fans Think He’s Being Released From Prison Today…But He’s Not

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In 2009, Max B was handed a 75-year prison sentence after being found guilty of a deadly armed robbery. Nearly seven years later in 2016, Max B took a plea deal with prosecutors to reduce his sentence to 20 years.

Yet despite life behind bars, the Harlem rapper’s fame continued. Nine years into his sentence fans of the Jim Jones signee are under the belief that he’s being released from prison.

Max B began trending Sunday (Sept. 16) with many questioning and (and also stating) that the 40-year-old, real name Charly Wingate, would be a free man. Every so often rumors of Max B’s release takes over the internet. This time it may have started due to a new picture of the rapper who often referred to himself as Wavy Crocket, floating online.

Unfortunately, Max B’s publicist or any other officials have not confirmed the rumors. With the deal, Max B agreed to the sole charge of aggravated manslaughter, while the original charges of the 12-count indictment, some of which including first-degree murder and first-degree robbery were dropped.

Along with Max B, his stepbrother Kelvin Leerdam was sentenced to life plus 35 years for the involvement in the fatal robbery.

Despite the fake news of Max B’s release populating online, it didn’t stop Twitter from doing what it does best.

Hey, one can only hope, right?

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