Premiere: Melo Makes Music Escapes His Mind In “TDBMAD (The Devil Bought Me A Drink)”

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First emerging on the SoundCloud scene, Chicago rapper Melo Makes Music works to bridge the cultural and artistic gaps in hip-hop, R&B, and alternative rock. Through a loyal fanbase and true-to-self demeanor, Melo has pioneered a standout sound in hip-hop’s cultural space. Following the streaming success of 2017’s “Sleepless” featuring Taylor Bennet,  Melo Makes Music gave VIBE the OK premiere the music video for his new single, “TDMAD (The Devil Bought Me A Drink).”

Led by a strong violin instrumental, “TBMAD” captures Melo’s essence as an experimental artist. Paired with the Mason Adams-shot visual, the track unveils Melo’s depth as an artist as he provides a deeper insight into his lyrics through the video.

Spitting bars while confined in a straight-jacket, the South Side native delves into the pressures of mainstream artistry. “Young bull I like your septum ring/ from a voice beside the bar as I buy my drink/ she told me I could have the world, I could sell my gift/ I could smell the catch as it left her lips,” he raps.

Embodying the notion that artists could not constrict themselves to the culture’s current practices, Melo Makes Music takes fans on a 3-minute journey of escaping his mind and taking control of his life.

“The narrative portrays a prequel of sorts to my music video for ‘Sleepless’ where I’m a superpowered runaway being chased by shadowy figures,” he told VIBE. “A strong message I want to send to my fans is that we are all superheroes deep down, we have to share our light with the world. Empowerment is my main goal. There is a brighter day from those struggling with taking care of their mental health.”

Set to appear as the second track in Melo’s upcoming project Hold Your Tongue, the video for “TDBMAD” features a third-verse that won’t be on the project. Take a look at the video below.

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