Florida Shooter In “Stand Your Ground” Case Doesn’t Regret His Actions


Michael Drejka is being held on $100,000 bond inside Florida’s Pinellas County Jail after shooting and killing an unarmed black man over a parking spot.

According to surveillance footage, the fatal incident occurred at a Clearwater’s Circle A convenience store during an argument over a handicap parking spot. Drejka reportedly confronted a woman named Britany Jacobs about the parking spot as her boyfriend, and father of their child, Markeis McGlockton, was shopping inside the store. McGlockton saw the confrontation, came outside and pushed Drejka who then subsequently shot him. McGlockton later died at a local hospital.

During an interview with 10News, Drejka, who has been charged with manslaughter in the latest “Stand Your Ground ” case to rock the state, said he wouldn’t change a thing about the July 19th encounter.

“As far as changing any of the events? I really, no, not off the top of my head,” he said. “I followed the law the way I thought the law was supposed to be followed. I cleared every hurdle that the law had to put in front of me.”

Drejka admitted his mother-in-law is in a wheelchair and because of it, he has real sensitivity about it. “These days my mother-in-law is handicapped. So it’s always been a hotbed for me. My whole life I’ve always looked for a handicapped parking spot,” he said. “It’s always touched a nerve with me.”

Recalling the situation, Drejka, who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, said after McGlockton pushed him and he fell to the ground, he was frightened.

“There was only one way to look at that,” Drejka told 10News. “You have to be scared… because if you’re not and you’re wrong, you know, that’s that… I’ve never been confronted like that, or never been assaulted like that if you will, ever.”

Realizing the gravity of his decision, Drejka has issued an apology to McGlockton’s surviving family.

“I’m sorry, that’s all I can really say (to his family),” he said. “And thinking about it, would you accept those kinds of words from someone? I don’t think I would.”

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