Missy Elliott Performing ‘Work It’ With Her ‘White Sister’ On ‘Ellen’ Is Just As Great As You’d Expect

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Last month, the Internet couldn’t get enough of Rhode Island resident Mary Halsey, who performed a spirited rendition of Missy Elliott’s “Work It” during an event in Goddard Park. Not only were the rhymes on point, even the sound effects were spot on. Misdemeanor herself praised her “funky white sister” for putting her thang down, flipping and reversing it.

Of course, we have to thank Ellen DeGeneres for doing the Internet a solid. She united the duo for a performance of the Under Construction track, which will air on her daily talk show today (Thursday, Sept. 13). The best part about the performance, however, is that Halsey had no idea the rapper would be joining her.

During the second chorus of the song, a hyped-up Missy walks on stage as Halsey stops rapping as a result of her shock. After composing herself, the two continued to rap and dance on stage together.

“It was a shock, I never expected this,” said Halsey about going viral and getting a response from Missy for the original video. She revealed that she’s been performing the song during karaoke performances since 2003. She entered a karaoke contest that year and decided to try her hand at the infectious song.

“It became my go-to song, everyone wants to hear it!” she revealed.

Isn’t this just the best? Check out the video above.

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