Nick Cannon Responds To Kanye West: “No Harm, No Foul”

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Earlier Thursday afternoon (Sept. 19), Kanye West called out Nick Cannon and Drake for commenting on his wife Kim Kardashian. Now, Cannon is responding with a video message of his own on Instagram.

Cannon appears to be walking down the street while filming his message to Kanye. “Love and respect for you, you know I always had that. But I honestly gotta say this my dude, I have never said anything disrespectful—in my opinion—to your marriage and union,” he said. “I salute it, keep it going. But you’re not gonna tell me what I can and can’t say.”

Cannon explained that anything he said about Kim K. was in response to a question asked by an interviewer or publication. “I’m a solid individual so if you ask me a question, I’m gonna answer it to the best of my ability. I’mma give my opinion,” he explained. “You know, there ain’t no harm, no foul—I know you got your spirit feeling weird. Holla at me, you know where I’m at.”

In the second and final video, Cannon invited Kanye to the 200th episode of Wild N’ Out so they could chop it up.

As previously, reported, Kanye took issue with Cannon bringing up his past relationship with his wife. Watch Cannon’s full remarks below.


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@Kanyewest holla at me!! Let’s get your Spirit right! ✊🏾

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@KanyeWest we Wildnout!!!! 😂😂😂😂 This is an open invite!! Welcome Back!!! ☕️

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