Nicki Minaj Wants To Squash The Beef Between Two Females Rappers, But One Of Them Isn’t With It

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Nicki Minaj is trying to play peacemaker between two female rappers in the industry, and it isn’t exactly going as well as she expected.

It all started when Minaj extended invitations to feuding artists KashDoll and AsianDoll to join her on the next episode of Queen Radio. “Ok @Kashdoll @ImAsianDoll, let’s have a chat on the next episode of #QueenRadio. #QueenTingz sending love to both of you,” she tweeted. While her intentions are still unknown, it seems as though Nicki wants to help the two make amends, as they have been beefing over the use of the word “Doll” in their monikers for some time now.

Despite the nice gesture, KashDoll wasn’t taking the bait. “I’ll kick it with Nicki any day, butttt I’m not tryna listen to somebody yell and call me b***h and make up s**t… I’m straight,” the Detroit artist wrote. “I’m straight… I’mma just ignore it. She’s not even a Doll no more anyway. She changed her name to Asian Da Brat… and that was my only issue.”


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#NickiMinaj invites #KashDoll and #AsianDoll to discuss their differences on the next #QueenRadio. Would ya’ll be here for it?

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Nicki quickly responded to KashDoll’s comments, assuring her that it would be a safe zone. “Okay babe. Me an AsianDoll gon get into some things. Wanna get into the music as well. Got lots of surprises for this show,” she said before sharing stats about Queen Radio. “Thank you guys for making it the number 1 radio show on Apple. Every single episode record breaking.”

She added: “Oh you must not know I’d never allow that. ‘WE’ won’t be making fools out of ourselves. Number 1 radio show on Apple. By a black woman from south side Jamaica, Queens New York City. Oh but they don’t hear me tho.”

Some people may think it’s odd that the “Barbie Dreams” rapper is so invested in helping KashDoll and AsianDoll squash the beef, since the Minaj has yet to end her feud with Cardi B. After engaging in a physical altercation during New York Fashion Week, both Nicki and Cardi have spoke negatively of each other, with accusations of blocking money moves and “payola” looming over them.

Nevertheless, Nicki’s drama aside, it will be interesting to see what goes down with AsianDoll on the next episode of Queen Radio.


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#KashDoll responds to #NickiMinaj’s invite (SWIPE)

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