Noname’s Debut Album ‘Room 25’ Is The Second Coming To ‘Telefone’


Noname’s debut album, Room 25, has solidified her place amongst hip-hop’s most versatile artists. With a unique twist on rap, the 25-year old MC’s approach to the genre counters those who have assimilated to mainstream music, giving the industry the freshness it has been striving toward.

The 11-song LP features Chi-town’s up and coming acts like Ravyn Lenae, Saba, Adam Ness, and Phoelix, who is credited with producing the majority of this project. Room 25 also incorporates collaborations with Smino and Benjamin Earl Turner. The long-awaited tracklist features low-tempo beats with lively percussion that helps build upon the bases of jazz and R&B to create a sturdy foundation for Noname’s sultry voice to ride over.

The album begins with “Self,” a low-key track that teases its themes. “Maybe this the album you listen to in your car when you driving home late at night/ Really questioning every God, religion, Kanye,” slowly building to an explosive ending with “I know ni**as only talk about money and good pu**y.” The song “Blaxploitation” boasts a funky upbeat tempo over spicy guitar riffs and tackles the topic of blackness while containing excerpts about revolution.

As the SoundCloud artist navigates through this 35-minute album, the “Diddy Bop” rapper takes you on a ride that confronts race, lust, gentrification, veganism, masculinity, and religion.

Room 25 is a highly anticipated follow up to Noname’s two-year-old EP, Telefone, which helped establish her core following and solidified her as a force from Chicago.

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