Pardison Fontaine Discusses Working With Cardi B For “Backin’ It Up”


Pardison Fontaine is making a name for himself after releasing his recent track “Backin’ It Up” with the one and only Cardi B. During Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Power Players Event on Thursday (Sept. 28), the 28-year-old New York musician detailed how the track came to be.

“Me and [Cardi], we work together all the time,” said the musician and songwriter, who has penned hits for his Bronx-bred collaborator and Kanye West in the past. “Through those collaborations, I heard this amazing beat… I recognized that this could be something that ladies really relate to and dig into, who else than to get the boss lady herself? Had to reach out, [Cardi] loved it, she was pregnant at the time.”

When prompted about the subtle nods to Lil Kim’s epic “Crush On You” in the “Backin’ It Up” visuals, Pardi revealed that it was intentional to pay homage to the Queen Bee’s colorful video.

“When I was writing it, I [really started] to see visuals, and I’m thinking, like, ‘what was a dope guy/ girl combination?'” he revealed. “‘Crush On You’ came to my mind immediately… ‘we gotta do this “Crush On You” 2020 version…’ of course, [Cardi] was on-board, she loves Kim, so it just came together perfectly.”

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