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‘Power’ Creator Confirms Angela’s Return For Season Six

If there’s one thing Power fans can expect, it’s the unexpected.

In Season Five of the Starz-scripted drama, viewers said goodbye to Kanan Stark. After being stopped by the cops, a plan devised by Tasha and Tariq, Special K went out like the gangster he is, but not before killing four members of the NYPD.

Fans should know by now show creator Courtney A. Kemp’s top priority is to tell a story, so if it means killing off an integral character who also doubles as the show’s executive producer, she’ll do it.

Throughout the season Tasha, Angela, Ghost, and Tommy worked together in order to stay out of jail and after their plan goes off without a hitch, Tommy, who’s never been a fan of AUSA Valdes, shoots Angela, eliminating what he believes was their problem, to begin with.

#TeamTasha may be thrilled that Angie took a bullet, but per the H.W.I.C, Ms. Kemp (head writer in charge) J.Lo, as Tommy refers to Angela, isn’t going anywhere.

“Stop the debates,” Ms. Kemp captioned.

We won’t know how Ghost gets Angela to safety, and if he does, how will he explain to the police not knowing who the shooter was? I guess we’ll have to wait until next season to find out.

Sorry #TeamTasha.

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