Premiere: Ural Thomas & The Pain Bare Soulful Melodies On “No Distance”

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Ural Thomas got his start in the 50’s, with a soulful voice and every bit as much talent as the Otis Redding and James Browns of that period. But unfortunately, Ural’s star didn’t rise as high as it should have at that time. However, before taking a brief hiatus, Thomas accumulated over 40 shows at the Apollo Theater and released a couple of singles in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

After making a name for himself among jazz and soul music scenes in Portland Ural is back and better than ever,  accompanied by an impressive band of musicians. Ural Thomas & The Pain’s new single “No Distance (Between You And Me)” brings fans back to the days when music was played acoustically. In such a fast-paced world, this song and video display the beauty of simplicity. The group previously released “Slow Down” earlier this month.

The video for “No Distance” depicts the band playing their instruments and bonding as a group while highlighting all of the instruments it took to create their unique sound. There are no media effects or gimmicks, it’s just music. The type of music that puts and smile on your face and reminds you that life can be beautiful.

“No Distance (Between You And Me)” is one of several tracks that will be featured on the band’s album The Right Time, which you can listen to exclusively on VIBE.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Tender Loving Empire Records

Watch Ural Thomas & The Pain’s new video up top and jam out to the album below.

Pre-order the album here.

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