Snoop Dogg Says “F**k You” To Kanye West For His Endorsement Of Donald Trump


Snoop Dogg grew rather passionate when discussing his disdain for President Trump and anyone who supports him. The West Coast rap icon stopped by SiriusXM’s Hip Hop Nation and toward the end of the interview, didn’t hold back when speaking on the climate that’s been ushered in by Trump’s administration.

“I don’t give a f**k. I tell ‘em straight up, motherf**ker. If you like that n—a, you motherf**kin’ racist,” Snoop said. “F**k you and f**k him. Now what?”

Snoop also threw salt at Kanye West for his early endorsement of the president.

“When you drew the line and start pointing motherf**kers out and singling them out, f**k y’all, then, n—a. You and them. Kanye too. Don’t forget about him too. F**k you too,” Snoop said. “Throw him in the bag, he right with them motherf**kers.”

DJ Sussone’s attempt to quell Snoop’s growing anger was no match for the 46-year-old Long Beach native.

“He drew the lines. Before him, there were no lines. Everybody was everybody, we respected everything, we didn’t trip,” he said.

Snoop Dogg has been vocal about his disgust toward Trump and has used his music to express the depths of his frustration with the president. Last year, the Long Beach native released the video for “BadBadNotGood (Lavender)” and was surrounded by controversy after someone dressed as clown bearing a resemblance to the president was shot in the head.

Check out a snippet of the interview below.

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