Suge Knight’s Son Is Worried About His Father’s Health Following The Sentencing


Suge Knight recently struck a deal that ordered him to serve 28 years in prison. He pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter and confirmed he used his truck as a deadly weapon on the set of N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton in 2015. Following the news, his son, Suge Jacob Knight has spoken about the deal, and how he’s concerned about the state of his father’s health, TMZ reports.

“With all those health issues, I’m very worried about my father,” he said. “I’mm be honest. Because he’s a strong dude, but he’s human, man. It’s stresses that’s causing his health to be f***d up. It’s set up for him not to make it out. And that’s just the sad part because he doesn’t deserve it. I don’t wish this on anybody…He needs attentive care all the time.”

He also mentioned that Suge suffers from diabetes and blood clots, which are all issues that need immediate and consistent care.  Ultimately he feels the former CEO of Death Row has been treated by the justice system and the masses. “It’s time to give him a break,” he said. Amid the recent sentencing, Jacob Knight says there may be hope on the horizon for Suge. “It’s still a way that we can probably possibly beat this. There still is some positivity we can focus on right now…I just don’t wanna give up right now,” he said.

Watch Jacob Knight speak to TMZ below.

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