SZA Teases New Music On Instagram

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SZA has stayed busy this summer perfecting what’s believed to be her new album A.

The “Broken Clocks” singer has shared a few details about the album all year, but her Instagram followers were able to hear just a piece of one of the tracks. The song, named “Tread Carefully” by fans, was teased on the singer’s Instagram Story Monday (Sept. 16).

The lyrics point to tarnished love, a feeling some of us know too well. “How do you feel?/Fighting your feelings, scared of your feelings/Living in the whiteout, I can’t see nothin’ but you/Staring in my headlights gotta get my head right/Damn, I been here all night now” she sings.

But the lovely snippets might not reach the album, leaving us to believe that better music is just around the corner.


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“…I’ve been talking sh*t to myself on different topics every day for the last week, which is typically how I start—coming up with little catchphrases in the car on the way home, and I’ll be like, ‘Cute,’” SZA told Flaunt in April. “Then I’ll be like, ‘I think I’m ready to write and start recording.’”

In the interest of connecting dots, SZA responded to a fan on Twitter saying the follow-up to CTRL had already been finished (Sept.6).

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