Terry Crews Defends Geoffery Owens After Viral Trader Joe’s Photo


Solidarity has been the overall reaction to the story of Geoffery Owens, the former Cosby Show actor whose personal wealth became the topic of conversation over the weekend.

As previously reported, the veteran actor’s gig at Trader Joe’s was brought to light by outlets like Daily Mail and Fox News who implied the actor had fallen on hard times. After fans shared their love and support of the actor, fellow working actors shared their stories of taking “regular jobs” to support themselves. Terry Crews took to Twitter to lend his support to Owens and how job-shamming should not be a practice.

“I swept floors AFTER the @NFL,” he said Saturday (Aug. 1).  If need be, I’d do it again. Good honest work is nothing to be ashamed of.”

Other TV legends were inspired by Owens like Blair Underwood (The Event, Quantico) and Patricia Heaton (The Middle, Everybody Hates Raymond) condemned the idea of mocking Owens.

“I had been a working actor for years. Jobs stopped, as they do,” Heaton shared. “I worked in retail. At a flower shop. I passed out flyers. It’s about the work. Work gives you pride and purpose. Your visibility as an actor never goes away. But the money sure does.”

Classism and the idea of how fame is interpreted soon followed. Technology might be a gift and a curse as many overlooked Owens lengthy resume.

See more supportive messages from Tami Roman and others below.


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