Teyana Taylor Details Her Fallout With Jeremih On ‘The Real’


Teyana Taylor stopped by The Real as a guest host (Sept. 17), where she revealed why her touring relationship with Jeremih went south.

In August 2018, Taylor tweeted that she had been “extremely mistreated” and that the “Oui” singer has been lazy during the “Later That Night Tour.” As a result of this treatment, the “Maybe” singer removed herself from the tour.

The following day, the 27-year-old announced that she would resume the tour under a new name with herself as a solo act.

During her appearance on the daytime show, the Harlem songstress recalled she had worked tirelessly to promote their shared tour, while Jeremih felt he was above social media promotions. Her tourmate allegedly neglected to place her name on the concert tickets, even though she raked in 80 percent of the crowd and referred to her as an opener when she was not around.

After pressing the “Birthday Sex” singer about calling her his opener, Taylor decided to remove herself from the tour, where she pointed out, “If I am just the opener I should not have the power to say this tour is done.”

Watch the video above.

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