The Game Could Lose Profits From Weed Business Due To $7 Million Lawsuit


The Game might end up losing profits from his marijuana business to cover a huge debt. Priscilla Rainey, the woman who won a $7 million dollar sexual assault judgement against him two years ago, filed court documents in an effort to get him to pay up.

The Blast reports that Rainey sent a subpoena to get financial details on the Compton rapper’s company, Trees By Game LLC. If the court sides in her favor, the money from Game’s weed company may get seized.

The rapper’s assets are also outlined in the court documents, which includes his $2.1 million Southern California mansion and a fleet of luxury vehicles. Game, whose birth name is Jayceon Taylor, also brought in $1 million over the last two years from touring and royalties, according to Rainey’s filing.

Rainey, a contestant on the VH1 dating reality show She’s Got Game, accused Game of assaulting her during an off-camera date (he denied the allegations). Viacom, the parent company of VH1, was also listed in Rainey’s lawsuit.

Last year, Game filed a $20 million lawsuit against Viacom accusing the network of  failing to properly vet Rainey.  The suit argued that the network should pay Rainey judgement stating in part, “Defendants clearly had knowledge of Rainey’s violent and extensive arrest history, yet they chose ratings over protecting the Plaintiff and others.”  The case was thrown out of court this past June.

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