T.I. And Meek Mill Raise The Dead In ‘Jefe’ Video


T.I. is gearing up for the release of his latest album and has enlisted rap brethren Meek Mill for a lyrical assist. On his new single, “Jefe,” the ATLien and Philly native venture to Mexico, where men and women donning painted faces celebrate the age-old holiday Dia de Los Muertos (day of the dead).

Yet, in the grimly lit Nathan R. Smith video, both men initially must dodge trouble as one of the last living survivors in a town littered with tragedy and turmoil.

The Dreams and Nightmares rapper delivers his verse first. As a trumpet sounds, Meek talks slick about the finer things in life he enjoys and how willingly he is to share it with his special lady.

She like Chanel, I’ma drape her in that/ She want the D, I’ve been waitin’ on that /I’ve been doing my thing, they’ve been hatin’ on that/And I meant what I said, I ain’t takin it back

The King comes in on the second verse of the Bangladesh production. As a woman is seen praying in a cemetery; a sign of respect for the dead, Tip continues Meek’s braggadocious talk but sprinkles in a line about the art of successfully code-switching.

We Grand Hustle, schemin’ and chasin’ our dream, stackin’ that paper/Hearin’ my raps, you see me, you see what I mean, drippin’ that flavor/ F**k n****s hatin’, don’t try me, I split that potato, then go sit and eat with the mayor.

“Jefe” is one of two singles TIP has released since signing to Epic Records. The first was a track titled “Wraith” with Yo Gotti. Both singles will be featured on his upcoming 10th studio album Dime Trap.

Watch “Jefe” featuring Meek Mill below.

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