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Runaway Boss: California Woman Reportedly Faked Kidnapping To Avoid Paying Employees

Remember the 2005 story about a Georgia woman who got cold feet a few days before her wedding, so she faked a kidnapping to get out of it? The media labeled the then 32-year old “Runaway Bride.” Or the story of Susan Smith, 11 years prior, who claimed a black man kidnapped her children? Well, this story involves some of the same criminal schemes. However, instead of the runaway bride like the former, it’s the runaway boss.

According to the Fresno Bee, a 32-year old California woman named Maria Gonzalez alleged that she was carrying a large sum of money when two African-American men wearing masks, one of them holding a handgun, entered her car and demanded that she drive.

Then she claimed she lost consciousness and woke up in a home in Caruthers, about 20 miles south of Fresno, with her hands tied behind, and gagged with a rag. Gonzalez also said she suffered a bump on her head from being beaten and alleged $9,000 stolen by the bandits from her place that she planned to use to pay her employees. Police Chief Jerry Dyer said in a news conference that Gonzalez “felt that the suspects had sexually assaulted her as a result of having what she described as moisture in her underwear.”

The investigators, however, figured out her story was a hoax because she didn’t have enough funds to pay two subcontractors who are drivers for her company, M&C Gonzalez Trucking.

Gonzalez was released by police this past Sunday (Sept. 2) but is expected to be arrested by Fresno police on misdemeanor charges of suspicion of filing a false police report.

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