50 Cent Bought Front Row Tickets To Ja Rule’s Concert Just So They Would Be Empty

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There’s petty and then there’s Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson who in his latest transgression against Ja Rule proved he and only he possesses the ancient scrolls of petty.

The Power executive producer took to social media to boast about purchasing the first 200 tickets to Ja’s show for the sole purpose of leaving those seats empty.

“What a show, I mean just f**king great. Do it again. My kid went to the restroom. LOL,” Fif captioned.


For those of you tuning in, the feud between the Queens natives has been going on for years (at least 15) and they both, to this day, continue to take shots at one another.

Ja, real name Jeffrey Atkins, didn’t seem phased by Fif’s latest chess move. In fact, it seemed to validate him.

Back in September, Ja took to social media to reveal that his Syracuse show had to be canceled, but he promised he’d reschedule. Fif took that as an opportunity to be his normal, petty self.

“Only 10 tickets sold don’t nobody want to see that shit, you talking about wait we get a lot of people on the walk up. Get the fuck outta here,” he captioned.

Will this beef ever come to an end? Yeah, when one of them dies, but until then.

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