9-Year-Old Boy Falsely Accused Of Sexually Assaulting White Woman Says “She Needs Help”


The Internet was ablaze when Teresa Klein, who has now been referred to as #CornerstoreCaroline accused a 9-year-old black boy of grabbing her behind while inside a Brooklyn bodega. Klein, a white woman, was then recorded on iPhone calling authorities claiming the child sexually assaulted her. In the video, you can hear the child crying in the background.

The next day Klein returned to the Flatbush bodega to buy cigarettesĀ and when prompted by a reporter to view surveillanceĀ from the incident, Klein saw the boy’s backpack grazed against her and she apologized.

“Young man, I don’t know your name, but I’m sorry,” she said.

Standing beside his mother Wednesday (Oct. 17) Jeremiah Harvey spoke to reporters and said he isn’t interested in Klein’s apology. “I don’t forgive this woman, and she needs help,” he said.

After Klein’s false accusation against the boy, it was reported she plans to file charges against Harvey’s mother who she alleged was aggressive during the initial encounter.

Teresa Klein is just the latest woman in a long list of white woman who called authorities on African-Americans for dubious reasons. Klein’s actions prompted many to draw the comparison to Emmett Till, who was dragged from his bedroom window, tortured and shot to death after Carolyn Bryant, a white woman, alleged the teen whistled at her. It was nearly 50 years later in a book written by Tim Tyson that Bryant admits she lied.

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