A 2007 ‘SNL’ Skit Might’ve Inspired Kanye West To Interrupt Taylor Swift’s 2009 VMAs Speech

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With information spilling out of the internet every day it’s normal for some moments to get lost in cyberspace. One in particular happened to be the moment Kanye West and the writers of Saturday Night Live predicted his infamous VMA’s incident with Taylor Swift.

Over the weekend, Seth Meyers popped in as host and shared the details in his opening monologue. The comedian spent over 10 years on the show (as a writer and later a cast member) before moving on to Late Night with Seth Meyers. Throughout his tenure, a ton of legendary memories were made (Weekend Update, Di*k In a Box, Stefon) but given Kanye’s recent blanket of consciousness, Meyers decided to share a 2007 sketch that mirrored a very insane 2009 reality.

“We pitched him a sketch wherein he would interrupt award-show speeches, saying they had made a mistake and he should have won,” Meyers said in his opening monologue about the sketch above. “And Kanye said, ‘That’s hilarious because I’d do that.’ Which is good self-awareness.”

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The sketch was literally everything you’d predict it to be and was largely inspired by West’s previous interruptions at MTV’s Europe Music Awards and Video Music Awards. Some of the interrupted award shows were the Kids’ Choice Awards, the Nobel Prize and a state fair because he was bummed his pumpkin (filled with champagne) didn’t win.


“That whole time I was telling you that story, you thought it was based on him interrupting Taylor Swift,” Meyers continued. “That hadn’t happened yet. Kanye did a sketch about how crazy it was he interrupted speeches. And then two years later, he was at an awards show and thought, ‘I should do it again.'”

Ironically, the 2007 skit also included LeBron James, who hopped on stage with Drake over the weekend during his LA Scorpion tour stop.

He also recalled working with President Donald Trump on a few skits, specifically one from 2004 when he played Meyers’s father in a sketch. “Most people have a shot of themselves with the President framed. I did not,” he quipped.

The puzzling story has been told a few times by Meyers on his show and the skit has lived on Vimeo for three years. The Kanye-related jokes continued on Weekend Update when he joined Colin Jost and Michael Che to bring back his classic “Really” segment.

Meyers’ most zing worthy joke had to be when he pointed out how “black people and white supremacists were betrayed at the same moment” when Kanye and Trump hugged in the Oval Office.

Enjoy the many laughs above.

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