New Trailer Shows Andre 3000’s Starring Role In Sci-Fi Film ‘High Life’

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Even though he’s no longer consistently making his own music—he admitted to “losing the pulse” for music—Andre 3000 is still finding ways to please his long-standing fans. The rapper, best known as one half of iconic ATL duo OutKast, will be starring in Claire Denis’ forthcoming sci-fi thriller film, High Life, alongside Twilight’s Robert Pattinson, French actress Juliette Binoche, English actress Mia Goth and others.

In this role, Andre’s character, Tcherny, is one of several convicts who skip over jailtime by accepting a very specific space mission: participate in a human reproduction experiment while being sent to a black hole. While in space, their ship is hit by an onslaught of cosmic rays and things go left. Based on the looks of the trailer, which released over the weekend (Oct. 12), it’s safe to say that viewers for this film should expect the unexpected.

Three Stacks, who is credited by his government name Andre Benjamin in the A24 film, was recently all smiles at the NYFF film showing, after the film initially premiered at the Toronto Film Festival.

While the film will hit theaters in France on Nov. 7, U.S. patrons will have to wait until 2019 to dig deeper into this performance. In the meantime, watch the trailer up top.

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