Premiere: Anthony Flammia Drops New Single “Top Of My Lungs”

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After a fizzled partnership back in 2010, R&B singer Anthony Flammia has re-linked with Solomon Sobande to begin working on the rollout for his debut album, F.L.A.M.M. Today, Flammia joins VIBE to premiere his new single “Top Of My Lungs” to promote the upcoming record.

“Top Of My Lungs” is a pained-filled track that follows the R&B singer’s effort to navigate the multitude of emotions that come with a toxic relationship. With his relationship crumbling to pieces, Flammia bares all on the 808-laden track, acknowledging his faulty participation in the two-way partnership.

“It seems like every time I come I end up leaving screaming at the top of my lungs/ and my heart can’t take it anymore/ I keep on leaving screaming at the top of my lungs,” Flammia sings on the hook.

Flammia has been in the music scene since 2015 when his project The Looper landed him a string of features including his verse on “A Spike Lee Joint” off Flatbush Zombies’ 2016 release, 3001:A Laced Odyssey. Having met Sobande eight years prior, it wasn’t until the emo-rap manager launched a joint label deal with Republic Records in April to create Sounds Music Group that he signed Flammia and restored the partnership the two first started back in 2010.

“At the time, right when X and Ski Mask were blowing up, I got Flammia a deal at E1 just because I felt like I needed to do something for him,” Sobande tells Billboard. “But it wasn’t the right deal. I ended up giving them back their money, and basically just buying him out of the deal. As soon as I could, I signed him to Sounds Music Group.”

Anthony Flammia is the first R&B signee on Sounds Music Group. Congratulations are definitely in order. Check out “Top Of My Lungs” below.

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