Arizona Gender Reveal Party Leads To Uncontrollable Wildfire


Gender reveal parties are the new thing to do if you’re a family that is expecting, but lately they have been getting out of control. One gender reveal party in Sawmill Fire, Arizona took it to a new level of craziness after the event caused a massive wildfire, spanning more than 40,000 acres, the Daily Beast reports.

An off-duty border patrol agent named Dennis Dickey and his pregnant wife decided to have a gender reveal party in Apr. 2017. Things went downhill after Dickey reportedly used Tannerite,  “an explosive substance designed to detonate when shot by a high-velocity firearm” to trigger a colored powder that would reveal their baby’s gender. Unbeknownst to them, Tannerite has been linked to many wildfires in the past.

Due to 40mph winds, the fire quickly grew rapidly, spreading for an estimated 47,000 acres. The fire became so uncontrollable that it required around 800 firefighters to tend to it, costing the state $8.2 million. Luckily, no one suffered any injuries, nor were any buildings damaged.

“It was a complete accident,” Dickey said during an appearance in court. “I feel absolutely horrible about it. It was probably one of the worst days of my life.”

Dickey reportedly pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of “causing a fire without a permit,” The Arizona Daily Star reports. He received a $220,000 fine in restitution for the incident on Friday (Sept. 28).

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