Barack And Michelle Obama Will Reportedly Turn Book On Trump Regime Into Netflix Film


At the top of October 2018, a book titled “The Fifth Risk” made its way to the masses. Written by Michael Lewis, the published work details the controversial shift from former President Barack Obama’s network to Donald Trump’s administration. Now, the book is being poised to be turned into a Netflix program helmed by the Obamas.

The information was initially presented on an episode of Katie Couric’s podcast and later shared with Deadline. Barack and former First Lady Michelle Obama will handle the production board under their Netflix pact, if the project receives the go ahead. The news site states “The Fifth Risk” will be re-imagined in visual format to help the public “better understand the inner workings of the government.” The Obamas signed their Netflix deal in May.

The passage highlights the recollections of certain department officials during Obama’s tenure, namely within the Energy, Agriculture and Commerce sectors. Additional details will be presented on Couric’s podcast on Thursday (Nov. 1).

In September, Barack Obama gave a critical speech on Trump’s actions and how voters can turn things around on Election Day (Nov. 6). “This is not normal,” Obama said, per The Washington Post. “These are extraordinary times, and they are dangerous times. But here is the good news: In two months we have the chance — not the certainty, but the chance — to restore some semblance of sanity to our politics.”

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